Friday, September 26, 2008

Arlene Bogna, Thank You

Finally - my web site is up and running. It has taken me several years to finish. I'm still adding several blogs a month, linked to the website. Please check it out and let me know how you like it! I love the logo, color, design and layout - it's understated and friendly to the eyes. It's a friendly simplicity that does not assault the senses. Thanks to Arlene Bogna of Vista Point Pictures for the great job!

Most commercial web sites, they kind of assault the eyes with bright colors, slick graphics and cleverly disguised salesmanship. I am so happy not to be part of that world. I'd rather offer quality - let word-of-mouth spread the word, if it is deserving. If not, OK. I prefer presentation that is understated, beautiful and inviting -  rather than manipulative in any way. 

Look carefully at the choice of fonts, the spacing of everything, the color choices - none of it is by accident. It feels simple and friendly, because Arlene knows how to do that. 

If you need a logo or web design - please visit her web site.